Linda Moss: Handweaver

My Products

Everything I make is unique and unrepeatable. Products include bronze-age-style scarves; wall hangings, alpaca, silk or "vegan silk" stoles and scarves; bags, phone and glasses pouches, and household textiles.

bronze-age-style scarves

Bronze-age-style scarf
Bronze-age-style stole
These replicate the materials, techniques and processes used 3000 years ago for the earliest know textiles. I use the fleece of the primitive Shetland and Icelandic sheep that live in our field, hand-shorn, washed, combed and carded by hand, handspun and hand dyed with vegetable dyes known in the Bronze Age and grown in my dye garden. The entire scarf is made exactly as it would have been made 3000 years ago, including using a bone needle to hand-hem the fringes. As all the materials for these scarves are farmed and grown on our Peak District smallholding, each one has an ecological footprint of less than 100 yards, and is unique and unrepeatable. They come with a certificate of authenticity which details the entire process, and with spare yarns in case of repairs in the future.

Wall hangingsWall hanging

Small woven hangings, mounted on handmade local hardwood rods, richly textured and sometimes with embroidered detail, representing moorland and coastal scenes.

Silk/vegan silk/ alpaca stoles and scarves

Silk and alpaca scarf Finely woven, generously-sized gleaming stoles and scarves in rich colours and complex woven textures, with hand-knotted fringes. Many of the yarns are hand dyed by me for specific projects, including “pool dyeing” the warp which produces an Ikat effect on the finished textile, unlike conventional weaving techniques.

Bags, phone/glasses pouches

Woollen bagFour woollen bags Small, strongly instructed bags and pouches in textured, woven patterns with coordinated cotton or silk linings, handmade decorative fastenings in glass, abalone and antler.

Household textiles

Table mats, napkins, table runners, cushion covers and towels in cotton and linen with thick textures and complex or simple woven designs. Securely hemmed and machine washable.