I offer workshops in felting and painting as well as more general talks about sheep and wool, travel and other subjects.

Felting Workshops

I offer workshops in feltmaking to groups of up to ten people. The cost is 100 per half-day (3 hrs) in total, shared between the participants. There's an additional charge of 5 per person for materials: wool fleece, silk fibres and other embellishments. I can provide all the equipment needed for you to use. The workshop can take place on your premises (including in a house for groups of up to four people), or at my premises on our small holding in the High Peak. All we need is table space for the number of participants, and access to water.

I don't organise my own workshops, but am happy to provide one for existing groups, either clubs, special interest groups, hen party events, or just for a group of friends.

Basic Feltmaking

For those who haven't tried it before, this workshop explores the technique of making flat felt from Merino wool. You'll be able to complete a piece of felt to make either a picture or an envelope bag.

Embellished Felt

Ideal for embroiderers and others who want to try more elaborate feltmaking. You'll produce a piece fo felt embellished with silk fibres or threads, Angelina fibres or other natural and man-made surface decoration. This can form the basis of an embroidery or be used an as evening scarf or bag.

Feltmaking in the Round

Make a hat, bag, bowl, or other 3-d object from felt without seams! This more advanced feltmaking technique is suitable for those who have already tried flat feltmaking.

Sheep to Chic Full day event: the whole process from the living sheep to completed felt!

(200 total cost for all participants including refreshments and materials): up to 6 people. Bring a packed lunch. We can also provide a quiche and salad lunch with advance notice, costs will depend on what you want to eat.

This workshop, 10am-4pm takes place on our smallholding and can be offered as part of a holiday break at Brookcliff House, our holiday rental property.

We'll introduce you to our rare breed sheep including our friendly 4-horned black Shetland ram, Diesel, and his harem of multi-coloured Shetland ewes. You can then select your own types and colours of raw wool fleece from our flock, and spend the rest of the morning preparing it for felting: sorting, and washing . It can dry over lunch, then in the afternoon you can card it, and make it into a piece of felt for whatever purpose you wish.

Painting Workshops for Adults
100 per session of 2-3 hrs + travel expenses

Creating an Interesting Foreground in Landscape:
half or full day, or to fit your meetings schedule.
Painting example

Liven up your landscapes with an interesting foreground! I will work with you to try out various mixed media techniques to add vibrancy and depth to your paintings. You can also complete a landscape painting in the full day workshop. Bring your own sketchbook, watercolour paper and art materials, and an apron!

Mixed Media techniques:
half day or to fit your meetings schedule

Experiment with mixed media techniques: spattering, sponging, water-resist with oil pastel, unconventional watercolour applications, applying ink with sticks, aquarelle pencil effects, etc. Bring your own sketchbook, watercolour paper, art materials and an apron!

Demonstrations and talks

Sheep to Chic

Illustrated with Powerpoint slides, this talk discusses the entire process of wool production from animal husbandry of rare-breed sheep in the Peak District to hand-made designer woollen goods. I bring examples of all the stages, from washed raw fleece to hats, scarves and bags, for participants to handle. About an hour, with time for questions and discussion.

It is appropriate for craft groups, local interest groups in the Peak District, embroidery and art groups, etc.

Tall Ship to Spitsbergen

Based on my adventure voyage by tall ship at 79 degrees North (north of the whole of Greenland, and just 600kms from the North Pole) . Spectacular photographs in a Powerpoint presentation of polar bears, walrus, reindeer, arctic fox and migratory Northern birds in a breathtaking landscape of glaciers and ice, together with the experience of square-rig sailing through polar waters and climbing over glaciers and bare tundra. About an hour, then time for questions.

Suitable for general interest groups, natural history enthusiasts, groups with sailing interests and lovers of the Far North.